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About Cabot Credit Management

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Company overview 

Cabot Credit Management (CCM) is a European market leader in credit management services including debt purchasing, contingency collections, business process outsourcing and litigation.


Established in 1998, CCM has businesses in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal and owns portfolios in Italy and Poland.


Our consumer centric business model and unique operational expertise sets us apart from our peers. We have a strong set of values centred in honesty, empathy and respect. They challenge us to deliver our best, find positive ways to achieve impactful results and to embrace our differences. The discussions they generate, mean everyone can work together and thrive. They give us a good benchmark for all of our colleagues and helps to ensure the consumer remains at the heart of our business.


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Locations and Services

Cabot Credit Management’s services include debt purchasing, business process outsourcing, early stage collections, contingent collections, trace services, and litigation management. We have experience across a range of credit providers including banking, consumer finance, telecommunications companies, retailers, utilities companies and government agencies. Headquartered in the UK, we have operations in Ireland, Spain, France and Portugal and own portfolios in Italy and Poland.



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Our Strategy

We have a strong and deliverable strategy based on our desire to 'Invest to Grow'. We want to be recognised as delivering market leading collections performance in our core markets. We plan to achieve this by focusing on the following strengths:
  • Talented, engaged and highly motivated colleagues
  • Leading our markets in consumer focus, consumer outcomes and regulatory excellence
  • A highly efficient operating model
  • Optimised use of data and analytics
  • Being a trusted advisor to European financial services clients in the provision of credit management services